About HorseTips

HorseTips brings together technology and human intuition to help horse players be more profitable. These picks are generated nightly by comparing the best computer picks on the internet and then filtering those picks based on potential to return value back to bettors. As a result, these picks will be a combination of obvious favorites, who have the best shot to win, with longer-odds horses who have a decent shot to win but might be overlooked in the betting. In each race, the three horses chosen by the HorseTips logic should be a mixture of high value and high probability to win. Based on our testing, the winner will come from Horse Tips top three picks approximately 70% of the time (top choice 30%, second choice 23%, third choice 17%). .

How to play these picks – if you are new to horse racing, or if you are just a recreational player and don’t want to bother how to learn to handicap horses, you will be better off betting straight from Horse Tips than trying to pick horses on your own. You can bet horses picked by on HorseTips sheets and have a reasonable expectation to cash tickets. You should start conservatively and bet to show, or box all three horses in an exacta box. Or bet one of the three horses “Across The Board” (win, place and show). As your handicapping improves, we strongly recommend that you make your choices by using past performances (as in the Daily Racing Form or BRIS past performances) and then use Horse Tips to validate your choices. If you overlooked a horse that shows up in Horse Tips top three choices, take a second look at that horse and try to find a reason to include it.

Horse Tips is priced for volume purchasing. You can get picks from four tracks for just $10. There is no subscription pricing. Just pay as you go.

Good Luck!!